Top 9 water activities in Punta Cana


Whale Watching, El Limon Waterfall & Samana Tour

Experience the most beautiful nature event in DR only once a year! Humpback whales breeding season in the Caribbean.

(January-April only)

Punta Cana Party Boat


Punta Cana Party Boat

Experience one of the best things to do when you visit Punta Cana. You will embark on a Party Boat cruise and enjoy the beautiful crystal clear waters. Includes music, festive company, snorkeling, a natural pool and most importantly all you can drink!

Punta Cana Carribean Pirate Tour


Caribbean Pirate Tour

Take a real-life pirate ship replica on an adventure through the Caribbean waters in this top Punta Cana excursion. Snorkeling in a pristine natural reef and up-close swim with sharks & stingrays at Shark Island.

Punta Cana Parasailing


Punta Cana Parasailing Tour

Soar like an eagle above the pristine waters in this extreme Punta Cana Parasailing tour. Fly above the Punta Cana coast for a breathtaking view of the beaches, turquoise waters, and sprawling vistas for an ultimate thrill adventure. 

Puntacana Saona Island VIP excursion tour


Saona Island Private VIP

Saona Island VIP excursion tour gives you one more taste of the high life. Enjoy the ocean breeze and crystal turquoise water of the Caribbean sea on your way to your exclusive tour in Saona island.

Scoobadoo image_3


Underwater Scuba and Scooter Tour

Splashing around on a Scuba Doo is an ideal way to explore the underwater world without all the equipment of traditional scuba diving.

Punta Cana Catalina Island Catamaran and Snorkeling


Catalina Island Catamaran & Snorkeling Day

Experience multiple island highlights in one day. Cruise to Catalina Island and explore a slice of this Caribbean paradise aboard a catamaran.


Swim with Dolphin Adventure

Enjoy a unique and memorable experience for the whole family in the dolphinarium! Interact with dolphins in a boogie board push, belly ride and other playful acrobat.

Puntacana Saona Island Excursion Tour


Saona Island Speedboat & Catamaran

Explore Saona Island via boat trip in catamaran and speedboat with a 30-minute stop at the biggest natural swimming pool, tasty Dominican buffet lunch, open bar, and beach activities

Punta Cana Saona Island Speedboat and Catamaran Excursion Tour


Bavaro Speedboat Adventure

Drive your like James Bond and explore Bavaro coast in an exciting and adrenaline-rush adventure in this speedboat excursion tour cruising along Punta Cana coast line.

Excursion Categories


Looking for something specific? We’ve gathered and categorized the top 15 tours/ excursions to do here in Punta Cana and organized them by category to help you find what you want more easily. Your friends and family will surely enjoy these excursion packages we have available. Choose between our water excursions, road excursions, kid-friendly excursions or go all in bundles!

For group tours and special occasion set-up (wedding, bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday, anniversary, etc.) kindly message us first before booking.

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